Our comprehensive resources provide detailed insights into three critical in-flight test procedures. Learn how to optimise your aircraft engine’s efficiency and longevity. These invaluable tools are available free of charge.


The GAMIjector® and TurboGAMIjector® fuel injectors are meticulously engineered to deliver precisely measured fuel to each cylinder. By compensating for the inherent fuel/air imbalance in the engine’s fundamental design, these injectors ensure superior performance of your aircraft’s engine.

Starting at $849


Comprehensive flight test and operations and consulting services tailored to the needs of individuals and organisations, with a focus on CS/FAR-23 and experimental/amateur-built (E/A-B) aircraft. Our extensive network of experienced flight test pilots, flight test engineers, and professionals such as compliance verification engineers (CVEs) ensures you receive the support required for all your flight testing and operations needs.

Starting at €500 per day

Bespoke solutions to streamline the processes involved in completing your experimental/amateur-built (E/A-B) project. From defining your flight mission and needs, selecting the aircraft and components, shipping and customs, to building, testing and beyond, we can provide assistance for individual challenges or guide you through the entire process.

Starting at €50 per hour

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