Welcome to the Pilot-Owner Academy

Welcome to Quest Aeronautics’ Pilot-Owner Academy – a unique educational platform dedicated to elevating the experience of licensed pilots who own and operate their aircraft. Our Academy is specifically designed for pilot-owners like you, who seek to go beyond the basics and master the art of advanced aircraft ownership and operation.

In the world of aviation, the journey of learning never ends, especially after obtaining your pilot license. That’s where the Pilot-Owner Academy steps in. We are not your typical flight training organisation; instead, we focus on enriching your knowledge and skills post-certification. Our goal is to bridge the gap between basic pilot training and the advanced competencies required for superior aircraft ownership and operation.

At our Academy, you will discover a wealth of knowledge and resources tailored to your unique needs as a pilot-owner. We aim to empower you with advanced techniques and insights, enabling you to operate your aircraft more cost-effectively, enjoy enhanced performance, reliability, and longevity. More than just training, we offer an opportunity to gain confidence and proficiency, enhancing both your flying skills and your understanding of aircraft management.

Our Specialised Training Opportunities

Our Pilot-Owner Academy covers all essential aspects of aviation to help you excel in your journey. Amongst other things, you’ll learn about flight crew licenses and ratings, how to select the best flight schools and instructors, and the essential equipment and accessories you’ll need. For aircraft ownership, we’ll guide you through mission definition, aircraft selection, maintenance shop selection, engine condition monitoring, and making it to TBO with EMU data analysis, oil and particle analysis, and borescope inspections. In aircraft operation, we’ll delve into stick and rudder skills, flight principles, engine leaning techniques, over-square operation, and temperature management. Finally, for flight planning and in-flight navigation, we’ll cover the use of modern technologies like ForeFlight, flight preparation, the importance of flight (de-)briefs, and effective in-flight navigation techniques.

Join Us at the Pilot-Owner Academy

We’re excited to announce that we’re building the Pilot-Owner Academy to offer exclusive, advanced training and experiences. Sign up for the waiting list to secure your spot and keep soaring higher.

We’re committed to delivering specialised training opportunities that meet your aviation needs. Can’t find a particular course offering you’re looking for? We’re here to help. Whether you have questions about our existing options, or are in search of something specific, don’t hesitate to reach out.