In-Flight Test Procedures & Test Cards

Our comprehensive resources offer insights into essential in-flight test procedures, including the mixture distribution test, which assesses the need for GAMIjector® fuel injectors. Learn to optimise your aircraft engine’s efficiency and longevity with these invaluable tools, available to you free of charge.


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Product Description

In-flight tests verify optimal engine functionality and are highly recommended to be performed regularly. For your convenience, we provide free in-flight test procedures and test cards. Achieving the best results typically requires an engine monitor unit set to the highest sample rate. Performing these tests without one might be challenging and less accurate. We recommend upgrading to a reliable engine monitor unit early if your aircraft does not already have one.


Regular Testing for Optimal Performance

Conducting regular tests, like the mixture distribution, ignition stress, and induction leak tests, helps identify and address issues promptly. These tests ensure peak engine performance.


Consider GAMIjector® for Fuel/Air Mixture Balance

An unsatisfactory GAMI spread suggests the need for GAMIjector® fuel injectors from General Aviation Modifications, Inc.. These injectors balance the fuel/air mixture across cylinders, enhancing combustion, engine performance, and potentially extending engine life. With an optimal GAMI spread, operating lean-of-peak increases fuel efficiency and engine longevity. Lean-of-peak operation also reduces engine wear, saving significant maintenance costs. For detailed information on in-flight test procedures and lean-of-peak operation, visit our blog posts.



  • Optimal Performance: Regular testing ensures early issue detection and peak engine efficiency.
  • Fuel/Air Mixture Balance: Determine if GAMIjector® fuel injectors would benefit your engine for uniform combustion and improved performance.
  • Comprehensive Understanding: In-flight testing offers deep insights into your engine’s condition, ensuring its reliability.



  • Step-by-Step Guides: Instructions for conducting key in-flight tests.
  • Practical Test Cards: Handy cards for on-the-go testing, easing the process.
  • Free and Easy Access: Download content instantly, fostering ongoing learning and skill enhancement.


Downloadable Test Procedures and Test Cards

Enhance your pilot expertise with our in-flight test procedures and test cards. A straightforward checkout process lets you opt in for our newsletters and receive your direct download link. Integrate these tests into your flight and maintenance routine for improved aircraft performance, efficiency, and reliability.

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