Data Analysis for Continental & Lycoming Powered Aircraft (Annual Membership)

Elevate your aircraft’s maintenance strategy with our Data Analysis Membership. Get in-depth engine health insights through EMU data, borescope images, and precise oil analysis in collaboration with SavvyAviation and OELCHECK.

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Product Description

Unlock comprehensive engine insights with our Data Analysis Membership for Continental and Lycoming powered aircraft. This annual subscription service offers in-depth analysis of Engine Monitor Unit (EMU) data, borescope images, and oil analysis reports. In collaboration with SavvyAviation and OELCHECK, we offer an evidence-based approach to maintenance. This ensures your aircraft performs optimally.



  • Comprehensive Engine Health Overview: Access detailed reports on your engine’s performance, including Failing Exhaust Valve Analytics (FEVA) and comparative trend analysis.
  • Performance Benchmarking: Compare your aircraft’s performance against similar models to ensure optimal operation.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Identify potential issues early through detailed analysis, allowing for timely interventions that can extend your engine’s life and enhance reliability.
  • Expert Analysis: Our partnership with OELCHECK ensures your oil samples are examined with precision, offering specific insights tailored to aviation needs.
  • Archived Reports: Benefit from the archiving of all oil analysis reports submitted through our kits, providing a historical record of your engine’s condition.


Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the insights and benefits provided by our Data Analysis Membership, we offer a full refund of your annual subscription fee. Please contact us within 30 days of your subscription start date to initiate your refund. Our primary goal is to empower you with valuable data to make informed decisions about your aircraft’s maintenance and operation.



Please note that Quest Aeronautics offers our Data Analysis Membership or Oil Sample Kits as a courtesy to our aviation community. We procure each Annual Plan or Oil Sample Kit at full price from SavvyAviation and OELCHECK, with no profit margin on our end. This initiative not only supports our commitment to providing top-quality aviation solutions but also aids in strengthening our partnerships with these service providers, allowing us to negotiate better terms and bring a wider range of products to you. Your support helps us continue this mission.


Specifications/Product Details

  • Collaboration with Industry Experts: Utilising SavvyAviation‘s expertise for EMU data and borescope image analysis, alongside OELCHECK for sophisticated oil analysis.
  • Annual Membership Fees:
    • Piston single: € 189/year
    • Piston twin: € 289/year
  • Included Services: Includes flight analysis reports, FEVA, report cards, trend reports, and cylinder condition reports based on uploaded borescope images.
  • OELCHECK Kits: Analysis kits with aviation-specific considerations for the most accurate results.
  • Requirements: Suitable for all Continental and Lycoming powered aircraft.
Aircraft Class

Single Engine Piston, Twin Engine Piston

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