GAMIjector and TurboGAMIjector Fuel Injectors – Lycoming Engines

Optimise your Lycoming engine’s performance with GAMIjector® fuel injectors. Experience precise fuel delivery, lean-of-peak efficiency, and up to 40% fuel savings. Essential for any Lycoming powered aircraft looking for reliability and efficiency.

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Product Description

The GAMIjector and TurboGAMIjector fuel injectors are meticulously engineered to deliver precisely measured fuel to each cylinder in your Lycoming engine. They compensate for the inherent fuel/air imbalance in your engine(s), essential for efficient lean-of-peak operation and enhanced engine performance.



Save up to 40% on fuel by operating your engine(s) lean-of-peak during most flight phases. The GAMIjector and TurboGAMIjector injectors ensure an even air-to-fuel mixture across all cylinders in your Lycoming engine, enabling lean-of-peak operation. This not only saves money by reducing fuel consumption but also results in cleaner burning and less stress on the engine, contributing to more efficient, reliable, and safer operation.



  • Precision Calibration: Each injector is calibrated for unparalleled precision, promoting uniform fuel/air ratios.
  • Enhanced Engine Performance: By adjusting each cylinder’s fuel/air ratio, the injectors facilitate smoother, more efficient lean-of-peak operation.
  • Legal and Certified: Fully compliant, FAA and EASA STC’d, and PMA’d for nearly all models in the Lycoming fuel-injected engine fleets.
  • Data-Driven Design: Specifications are derived from GAMI’s advanced 96-channel data acquisition system, ensuring engine model-specific optimisation.


GAMIjector® Fuel Injector Kits

Each kit for Lycoming engines includes GAMIjector and TurboGAMIjector fuel injectors, O-rings, washers, gaskets (if applicable), STC and permission letter, Sample 337, Certificate of Conformity, Installation Instructions, Flight Manual Supplement, Identification Plates, and Fuel Line Tags.

Please note, fuel lines and upper deck seals or tubes (if applicable) are not included, and these items are not offered.


Installation Process

Installation is seamless and efficient, typically completed within an hour (slightly longer for turbocharged engines). The process involves removing old injectors, installing new GAMIjector fuel injectors without modifications, and completing necessary documentation to comply with warranty and regulatory requirements. Installation by a qualified mechanic ensures safety and compliance.



Compatible with a wide range of Lycoming engines. For unlisted engines, contact us for potential accommodation. All models of fuel injected “IO” and “TIO” engines (and left turning versions thereof, except the TIO-541 engines), as follows:

  • AEIO-320: E1A,E1B,E2A,E2B
  • AIO-320: A1A, A1B, A2A, A2B, B1B, C1B
  • IO-320: A1A, A2A, B1A, B1B, B1C, B1D, B2A, C1A, D1A, D1B, E1A, E1B, E2A, E2B, F1A
  • LIO-320: B1A, C1A
  • AEIO-360: A1A, A1B, A1B6, A1C, A1D, A1E, A1E5, A2A, A2B, A2C, H1A, H1B, B1B, B1D, B1F, B2F, B4A, B1F6, B2F6, B1G6
  • AIO-360: A1A, A2A, A1B, A2B, B1B
  • HIO-360: A1A, A1B, B1A, B1B, C1A, C1B, D1A, E1AD, E1BD, F1AD
  • IO-360: A1A, A1B, A1B6, A1B6D, A1C, A1D, A1D6, A1D6D, A2A, A2B, A2C, A3B6, A3B6D, A3D6D, B1A, B1B, B1C, B1D, B1E, B1F, B1F6, B2E, B2F, B2F6, B4A, C1A, C1B, C1C, C1C6, C1D6, C1E6, C1E6D, C1F, D1A, E1A, F1A, J1AD, J1A6D, K2A, L2A, M1A, M1B
  • LHIO-360: C1A, C1B, F1AD
  • LIO-360: C1E6
  • IVO-360: A1A
  • TIO-360: A1A, A1B, A3B6, C1A6D
  • IO-390: A1A6
  • AEIO-540: D4A5, D4B5, D4C5, L1B5, L1B5D
  • HIO-540: A1A
  • IO-540: A1A5, AA1A5, AA1B5, AB1A5, AC1A5, B1A5, B1B5, B1C5, C1B5, C1C5, C2C, C4B5D, C4C5, C4D5, C4B5, C4D5D, D4A5, D4B5, D4C5, E1B5, E1A5, E1C5, G1A5, G1B5, G1C5, G1D5, G1E5, G1F5, J4A5, K1G5D, K1A5D, K1G5, K1A5, K1J5, K1F5, K1B5, K1B5D, K1C5, K1D5, K1E5, K1E5D, K1F5D, K1H5, K1J5D, K1K5, K2A5, L1A5, L1A5D, L1B5D, L1C5, M1A5, M1A5D, M1B5D, M1C5, M2A5D, N1A5, P1A5, R1A5, S1A5, T4A5D, T4B5, T4B5D, T4C5D, U1A5D, U1B5D, V4A5D, W1A5, W1A5D, W3A5D
  • IVO-540: A1A
  • LTIO-540: F2BD, J2B, J2BD, K1AD, N2BD, R2AD, U2A, W2A, V2AD
  • TIO-540: A1A, A1B, A2A, A2B, A1C, A2C, AA1AD, AB1AD, AE2A, AF1A, AF1B, AG1A, AH1A, AJ1A, AK1A, C1A, E1A, F2BD, G1A, H1A, J2B, J2BD, K1AD, N2BD, R2AD, S1AD, T2AD, U2A, V2AD, W2A
  • TIVO-540: A2A
  • IO-580: B1A
  • IO-720: A1A, A1B, A1BD, B1A, B1B, B1BD, C1B, D1B, D1C, C1BD, D1BD, D1CD

Terms & Return Options

Injectors are shipped in exchange for your current set. Return old injectors within 30 days to avoid a € 250 “core charge.” For returns, choose assisted shipping at € 100 or keep old injectors with a € 250 charge.


Lead Time

Expect delivery within 5 to 10 working days in Europe, though this may vary with stock levels and demand. For precise information or specific requests, contact us.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm
Number of Cylinders

Four, Six, Eight

Induction System

Naturally Aspirated, Turbocharged

Return Option for Old Injectors

Assisted Return Shipping, Keep Old Injectors

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