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Quest Aeronautics’ Pilot-Owner Academy – Education Beyond Your Standard Flight School’s Horizon

The Pilot-Owner Academy: A Comprehensive Approach for Aspiring and Current Pilot-Owners

Our Pilot-Owner Academy  offers guidance and coaching packed with knowledge, expertise, and tips & tricks. We aim to get you in the air faster and safer. Instead of providing basic flight training for pilot’s licenses or ratings, we help you make informed decisions. This shortens your learning curve and saves you money in the long term.

We bridge the gap between basic pilot training and the advanced proficiency required for competent aircraft ownership and operation. As an independent entity, we are unbiased toward any service provider, aircraft, or equipment manufacturer.

Experience More Freedom, Fun, and Flexibility

Mastering aviation can unlock unparalleled freedom, fun, and flexibility. Becoming a pilot and aircraft owner opens up a world of opportunities. Use your pilot license and aircraft for business trips and leisure travel. Enjoy time with family and friends. Free yourself from fixed schedules and the hassles of commercial airports and traffic jams.

Fly to a business meeting abroad and return home the same day. Explore destinations near your home base on a whim. With an average general aviation aircraft boasting a range of over 1000 NM, you save precious time compared to driving or using public transport. Experience the joy and liberation of being a pilot and aircraft owner. Know that the sky is not the limit.

Preventing Costly Mistakes and Ensuring Safety

Our comprehensive Pilot-Owner Academy serves as your protective shield. It prevents costly mistakes and ensures the safety and efficiency of your flights. Aviation can be complex, but our expert guidance and tailored resources make the journey smoother. We provide you with essential knowledge and skills to avoid common pitfalls and enhance your decision-making abilities.

Why It Matters

We are dedicated to providing the best products and services for your aviation journey. As an independent company, our priority is your success and satisfaction, not profit margins. We ensure you have access to the highest quality tools, equipment, and techniques available because we believe in their value and impact on your experience.

Our expert advice and exclusive, tailored services streamline the process of becoming and being a pilot-owner. We aim to significantly shorten your learning curve in aircraft ownership and operation, enabling you to create unique flying experiences and adventures with confidence.

Our Pilot-Owner Academy focuses on four key categories: Ready for Take-Off, Aircraft Ownership, Aircraft Operation, and Flight Planning & In-Flight Navigation. These are broadly outlined below.

Ready for Take-Off

We decipher the rules and regulations applicable to pilot-owners and provide guidance for selecting flight schools, instructors, and pilot accessories. Our easy-to-follow guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOPs) simplify understanding and compliance. We jumpstart your aviation journey and help you decide on the most appropriate licenses, ratings, tools, and gadgets for your applications. You receive honest feedback on selecting flight schools and instructors, and we assist you in organising your flight training for maximum efficiency. We can also help you get checked out on your own aircraft and everything in between.

Aircraft Ownership

You will be able to formulate your typical flying mission to select the most suitable aircraft for your needs. We support you in acquiring the best option, establishing a professional relationship with your maintenance shop/aircraft mechanic, and setting up a proper engine condition monitoring system. You will be able to outfit your aircraft as necessary to operate competently and with confidence, understanding aircraft ownership and the responsibilities of all parties involved.

Aircraft Operation

You will understand flying concepts and apply this knowledge during your trips and adventures. You will be more knowledgeable from the start, which will pay off immediately in each flight. We help you get familiar with your aircraft and compile its specific operating parameters, aiding you in setting intended control inputs for better control and situational awareness.

Flight Planning & In-Flight Navigation

You will use modern state-of-the-art technology to plan and file your flights both on the ground and in the air. You will learn concepts to stay ahead of your flight, make evidence-based decisions, avoid weather, and not get lost when air traffic control terminates flight following.


Quest Aeronautics’ Pilot-Owner Academy is designed with you in mind. You will benefit from over a decade of flight operation experience and continuous learning, with a touch of military flying concepts in a compact and easy-to-apply format.

We are excited to announce that we are currently developing the Pilot-Owner Academy. Initially, only our signature offering, including hands-on and one-on-one coaching sessions, will be available. Lower-cost offerings, including interactive online and email courses, will be available subsequently.

We invite you to sign up for our waitlist to receive updates and be among the first to access the academy. Join the waitlist to get priority information and updates about our academy.

About Quest Aeronautics

Quest Aeronautics is a state-certified engineering office for aviation, dedicated to shaping the future of general aviation by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to enhance aircraft performance and operations. With a focus on CS/FAR-23 and experimental/amateur-built (E/A-B) aircraft, Quest Aeronautics provides a range of services including flight testing, aircraft operations and maintenance consulting, high-quality aviation products, and tailored support for E/A-B projects. Collaborating with industry-leading partners, Quest Aeronautics is committed to delivering unparalleled support and expertise to individuals and organisations in the general aviation market.

About Author

Sebastian, the founder of Quest Aeronautics, is a driven and enthusiastic individual with a passion for aviation. Before delving into aviation, he gained valuable experience as a chemical process engineer and laboratory technician. Sebastian holds a Master of Science in Engineering and a commercial pilot licence, with several fixed-wing aircraft ratings under his belt. He has also completed an introduction course for fixed-wing performance and flying qualities flight testing at the National Test Pilot School in Mojave, CA and is compliance verification engineer for flight.