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Quest Aeronautics Becomes an Authorised Dealer for CamGuard™ Aviation

Quest Aeronautics Partners with Aircraft Specialties Services, Inc. to Promote Engine Longevity and Reduce Maintenance Costs.

Quest Aeronautics is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Aircraft Specialties Services, Inc. Starting from September 2023, Quest Aeronautics will extend the benefits of CamGuard™ Aviation to the European aviation market.

Enhancing Engine Performance and Protection with CamGuard™ Aviation

CamGuard™ Aviation is an impeccable blend of high-performance additives, formulated specifically to fortify piston aircraft oils. This ensures optimal engine protection by addressing the interconnected challenges of corrosion, deposits, and wear in air-cooled piston aircraft engines. The key to CamGuard™ Aviation’s effectiveness lies in its ability to prevent rust formation on essential engine components and inhibit deposit buildup on critical parts. Its unique formulation not only ensures reduced wear but also enhances engine longevity, guaranteeing reliability even in challenging conditions.

Voicing the Benefits of the Alliance

Sebastian Neudorfer, founder of Quest Aeronautics, expressed, “Our primary objective at Quest Aeronautics is to provide innovative solutions that elevate the general aviation market. Aircraft Specialties Services, Inc. has made a significant impact in the aviation sector with their CamGuard™ Aviation product. It’s an honour to partner with them, extending this remarkable engine protection solution to the European market.”

About ASL CamGuard™ Aviation

Since 2003, CamGuard™ has been a trusted FAA accepted oil additive that protects and prevents wear in piston driven engines. CamGuard™ was developed by former Exxon oil engineer, Ed Kollin. It was brought to market in collaboration with Aircraft Specialties Services, Inc. when the company noticed that rust, corrosion, seal degradation, and premature engine wear were costing their customers absorbent amounts of money. By preventing deposit formation, CamGuard™ Aviation accomplished the goal of saving customers time and money which is why it is the perfect compliment to any aviation oil product. Save time and money on your next overhaul by adding the complete additive package only available in CamGuard™ to your preferred base oil.

About Quest Aeronautics

Quest Aeronautics is a state-certified engineering office for aviation, dedicated to shaping the future of general aviation by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to enhance aircraft performance and operations. With a focus on CS/FAR-23 and experimental/amateur-built (E/A-B) aircraft, Quest Aeronautics provides a range of services including flight testing, aircraft operations and maintenance consulting, high-quality aviation products, and tailored support for E/A-B projects. Collaborating with industry-leading partners, Quest Aeronautics is committed to delivering unparalleled support and expertise to individuals and organisations in the general aviation market.