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Quest Aeronautics Signs Dealership Agreement with General Aviation Modifications, Inc.

European Aviation Market to Benefit from GAMIjector® and TurboGAMIjector® Fuel Injectors.

New Partnership to Enhance General Aviation Performance and Efficiency

Quest Aeronautics is proud to announce a partnership with General Aviation Modifications, Inc. (GAMI). Starting operations in June 2023, Quest Aeronautics will serve the European market with GAMIjector® fuel injectors and TurboGAMIjector® fuel injectors.

Advanced Fuel Injection Technology for Optimal Aircraft Performance

GAMIjector® fuel injectors and TurboGAMIjector® fuel injectors are fuel injection nozzles designed to deliver specific amounts of fuel to each individual cylinder, compensating for the fuel/air imbalance inherent in the fundamental design of engine fuel/air systems. Each GAMIjector® fuel injector is carefully calibrated to much tighter tolerances than standard fuel injectors available for your engine. GAMI‘s award-winning GAMIjector® fuel injectors alter the fuel/air ratio in each cylinder, allowing each cylinder to operate with a much more nearly uniform fuel/air ratio than occurs with any standard factory set of injectors. You will see the difference on your engine monitor with the very first flight!

Emphasising the Benefits of Collaboration

Sebastian Neudorfer, founder of Quest Aeronautics, said, “Quest Aeronautics is keen to provide advanced solutions to the general aviation market, ensuring our customers take full advantage of their aircraft in terms of performance and efficiency. General Aviation Modifications, Inc. is a leader in the aviation industry and has provided valuable solutions to the aviation market for decades. We are delighted that General Aviation Modifications, Inc. and Quest Aeronautics have signed a dealership agreement, allowing us to distribute their exceptional injectors to the European market.”

About General Aviation Modifications, Inc.

General Aviation Modifications, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative and advanced solutions for the aviation industry. Since its inception, GAMI has been dedicated to enhancing aircraft performance and efficiency through the development of cutting-edge technologies, such as GAMIjector® and TurboGAMIjector® fuel injectors. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, GAMI has become a trusted name for pilots and aircraft owners worldwide.

About Quest Aeronautics

Quest Aeronautics is a state-certified engineering office for aviation, dedicated to shaping the future of general aviation by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to enhance aircraft performance and operations. With a focus on CS/FAR-23 and experimental/amateur-built (E/A-B) aircraft, Quest Aeronautics provides a range of services including flight testing, aircraft operations and maintenance consulting, high-quality aviation products, and tailored support for E/A-B projects. Collaborating with industry-leading partners, Quest Aeronautics is committed to delivering unparalleled support and expertise to individuals and organisations in the general aviation market.