Learn to Lean Your Continental & Lycoming Engine (Classroom)

Elevate your engine management skills with our advanced leaning Classroom Training for Continental & Lycoming engines. Gain theoretical insights to optimise engine performance and longevity.


Product Description

This Classroom Training equips pilots of Continental and Lycoming powered aircraft with the knowledge for advanced leaning techniques. Designed to extend engine longevity, reliability, and cost-efficiency, this course imparts in-depth theoretical knowledge. You’ll explore the “Red Box” and “Red Fin” concepts, temperature limits’ criticality, and the dos and don’ts of “Over-Square” Operation. Understanding correct fuel mixture is vital for resource efficiency and avoiding engine complications.


The Classroom Experience

The class unfolds in three dedicated sections, offering a full spectrum of learning:

  • Preparation: Gain critical insights into advanced leaning procedures and collaborate to tailor a flight profile for your specific aircraft.
  • Self-Guided Practice: While the Classroom Training itself focuses on theoretical knowledge, participants are encouraged to apply what they’ve learned through self-guided practical exercises. Detailed pre-flight briefing materials and debriefing guidelines are provided to facilitate this process on their own or with a chosen aircraft, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and application of the advanced leaning techniques.
  • Follow Up: Analyse flight results to make informed decisions regarding your engine’s status and potential enhancements.



  • Optimal Engine Performance: Master advanced leaning to ensure your engine operates efficiently, extending its lifespan.
  • In-Depth Analysis: Learn to interpret data for making informed decisions on engine health and adjustments.
  • Comprehensive Skill Enhancement: Elevate your operational knowledge and practical skills in engine management.
  • Direct Application: Apply what you learn directly to your aircraft for immediate operational improvements.


Scheduling Your Classroom Training

Your Classroom Training session will be scheduled post-purchase, allowing us to tailor the session timing to your convenience. Feel free to get in touch with us prior to purchasing if you wish to confirm available dates or have specific scheduling requirements.


Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the Classroom experience, we offer a full refund of the purchase price, excluding any applicable travel expenses. Contact us within 30 days of completion to initiate your return.


Specifications/Product Details

  • Duration: Approximately 8 hours, excluding lunch break (refreshments included)
  • Location: Standard classes at Linz Coulinstraße 30, 4020 Linz and Linz Airport. Available at customer’s location upon request (additional charges apply).
  • Requirements: Aimed at pilots of Continental and Lycoming powered aircraft. Optional use of a charter aircraft for practical training (additional costs).
Aircraft Option

Customer Aircraft, Charter Aircraft

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